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How to determine what economic events belong to short-term cyclical conjuncture and others to structural issues with long-term-consequences on global macroeconomy? How to understand the challenges represented by raw materials, excess debt (public and private) and an ageing work-force? What are dangers and opportunities of finance, public budgets and global commerce? How to possess short-, mid-, and long-term key-indicators, such as growth, inflation and exchange rates, on developing and emerging countries?

BIPE’s solution

BIPE’s macroeconomy forecasts cover all economic aspects and key-indicators. Our forecasts are for one, three and five years and are reviewed every trimester. We permanently monitor the economy in order to fine-tune our key-indicators. Our access to a wide-range of databases enables us to tailor-make dashboards and forecasting tools to the specific needs of our clients. BIPE’s multi-sectoral expertise enables us to use a ‘bottom-up’ approach when constructing our scenarios. We collaborate with experts geolocally near important economic events taking place, thus adding accuracy to our forecasts. Our expertise and experience is renown by our peers. BIPE participates in the ‘Comité Economique de la Nation’, a committee which advices the French Ministry on Economy on economic issues.




Publié le: 18-01-2017