Automobile powertrain strategy

An energy transition is happening The era when petrol was at 20USD per barrel is well behind us and the automotive business must adapt the powertrain of its vehicles in consequence. This revolution raises several questions: When will these new powertrains become inescapable? How will our societies respond to these changes? Will one powertrain dominate […]

Electrical vehicle infrastructure

New business models with Electrical Vehicle infrastructure The infrastructure needed for electrical vehicles is bringing into its sector a new set of actors from other activities, such as mobility, electricity, telecommunications, and construction … These actors need to understand the challenges and opportunities of this market. And above all, its potential business models. BIPE assists […]

Énergies Nouvelles dans les transports routiers

Analyser à court terme les marchés européens des propulsions alternatives Une segmentation marketing des acheteurs de véhicules électriques, hybrides (early adopters, early majority…) Une étude sociétale et une analyse des freins et des accélérateurs de ces marchés Une analyse de positionnement et des coûts d’usage totaux (TCOs) des modèles sortants Prévoir des volumes par segment et type de propulsion des […]