Inflation is back, but is it here to stay?

Inflation is back, but is it here to stay? We see inflation returning to the Euro zone and the USA. In January 2017, Germany’s prices increased by 1.9% per year and in Spain by 3%. Last December for one year, prices are up by 1% in the Euro zone, compared to 0.6% for the preceding […]

Understanding and anticipating macroeconomy mouvements

Your needs: How to determine what economic events belong to short-term cyclical conjuncture and others to structural issues with long-term-consequences on global macroeconomy? How to understand the challenges represented by raw materials, excess debt (public and private) and an ageing work-force? What are dangers and opportunities of finance, public budgets and global commerce? How to […]


AIECE (Association d’Instituts Européens de Conjoncture Économique) AIECE is an association where its members can exchange information on the economic conjecture of Western Europe. Goals AIECE’s members diagnose and forecast on political policies and in particular on: Raw materials; Long-term perspectives and structural changes; Global commerce. AIECE offers: Documentation and exchange of its members’ publications; […]

The economy leaves 2016 in better shape than when it entered 2016

The economy leaves 2016 in better shape than when it entered 2016 In the United States, growth was at 3% late summer 2016. Household and business confidence is high as they wait for Donald Trump to implement his electoral promises of lower taxes and higher infrastructure spending. Late 2016 perspectives also improved in the Euro […]

Sectoral dynamics

Sectoral dynamics – quantifying 33 sectors in 6 countries European companies lack visibility on macro-economy, regulations, and technology. This hinders them from defining their strategy. Therefore BIPE has created an Observatory in order to analyse, with its clients, the challenges facing different sectors in Europe. This Observatory will issue 3 forecasts per year and develop […]

Automobile distribution today

Even though formerly it was a consumption leader, today the car distribution sector of car sale and after-sale service, faces a long series of events which are throwing it into a crisis: city-centres shun cars, an increasing number of households can’t afford them, new mobility solutions show alternatives to car-ownership, governmental incentives for buying new […]