Electrical vehicle infrastructure

New business models with Electrical Vehicle infrastructure The infrastructure needed for electrical vehicles is bringing into its sector a new set of actors from other activities, such as mobility, electricity, telecommunications, and construction … These actors need to understand the challenges and opportunities of this market. And above all, its potential business models. BIPE assists […]

COP22 – Feeding the planet tomorrow with sustainable agriculture

During the COP22 hosted at Marrakesh, Moroco, on November 2016, BIPE animated a ‘serious gaming’ presentation in order to reveal how alimentation impacts climate change. BIPE conference, ‘Side Event’, COP22

Study on the energy retrofit of co-properties

BIPE is carrying out a study, and a forecast for 2020, on the energy retrofit sector for co-properties. BIPE is carrying out this study under 3-stages. Firstly, BIPE will conduct a survey on several thousand owners of apartments (habitants and renters) and another survey on several hundred condominium management firms. This survey will question on: […]