EUROCONSTRUCT – the leading European network for construction Euroconstruct, created in 1974 by 5 national establishments representing the construction sector (BIPE (France), CSTC (Belgium), IFO (Germany), EIB (The Netherlands) and NEDO (United Kingdom)), has today members from 19 Western and Eastern European countries, representing almost the whole European zone. Euroconstruct’s members, whose counselling services enable […]

82nd EUROCONSTRUCT Conference 25th November 2016, Barcelona

«More doubts and less speed, but the European construction sector will keep growing» The previous Euroconstruct conference was held a few days before the referendum in the UK, so the Barcelona conference has provided the first opportunity to assess the repercussions on the European construction sector. Maybe Brexit has not yet caused a direct disaster […]

80th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference 4 December 2015, Budapest

EUROCONSTRUCT predicts a GDP growth of 1.9% for 2015 in the 19 countries, up from 1.8% forecasted in summer (Warsaw). Both in 2016 and 2017, a 2% GDP growth is estimated (compared to 2% and 1.7% respectively forecasted in Warsaw). For 2018, a 1.9% hike is expected in GDP in the EUROCONSTRUCT region. In 2015, […]

79th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference, Warsaw 2015

Summer Conference in Warsaw June 12, 2015 On 12th June 2015 in Warsaw took place 79th EUROCONSTRUCT conference organized by the PAB-PCR&F Institute. The conference consisted of two sessions : The morning session focused on reviewing the situation on the European construction markets in 2015-2017. EUROCONSTRUCT economists reviewed the consequences of recent changes of macroeconomic […]

78th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference 19 November 2014, Milan

2015: towards a new cycle for the European construction industry? The risk of a slackening in German growth The European construction market in 2014 has entered a new phase of growth. After seven years of deep crisis, during which the market has lost 21%, and after a further negative 2013 (-2.7%), 2014 is confirmed to […]

77th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference 13th June 2014, Oslo

The European construction market is reaching firmer ground. The Euroconstruct report published in Oslo, 13/6, suggests an average growth of 1.8 percent a year, in real terms, from 2014 to 2016. It’s mainly new residential buildings contributing to the upturn but the tentative recovery affects all sub sectors. The growth rate is weak given the […]

76th Euroconstruct Conference in Prague

Construction in Europe is at a low point ‐ it will start to grow slowly next year This year represents the lowest point of development for volume of construction. Starting from 2014, construction output will again start to increase, although at a very slow pace. This is the development forecast by Euroconstruct, the leading European […]

75th EUROCONSTRUCT conference 14th June 2013, Copenhagen

European construction industry : No speedy recovery in sight Hopes of a speedy recovery for the European construction industry have been dashed. In several of the 19 EUROCONSTRUCT countries the euro crisis is continuing to hold construction activity in check. This trend is exacerbated by the situation of the world economy, which remains difficult. The […]

Study on the energy retrofit of co-properties

BIPE is carrying out a study, and a forecast for 2020, on the energy retrofit sector for co-properties. BIPE is carrying out this study under 3-stages. Firstly, BIPE will conduct a survey on several thousand owners of apartments (habitants and renters) and another survey on several hundred condominium management firms. This survey will question on: […]