Automobile powertrain strategy

An energy transition is happening The era when petrol was at 20USD per barrel is well behind us and the automotive business must adapt the powertrain of its vehicles in consequence. This revolution raises several questions: When will these new powertrains become inescapable? How will our societies respond to these changes? Will one powertrain dominate […]

2016 results of the BIPE /Kantar TNS study on World Mobility

The ‘World Mobility Index 2016’ ranks Singapore as world’s most mobile society, with London and Tokyo following at second and third place According to a study conducted by Kantar TNS and BIPE, Singapore ranks 1st as the most mobile-friendly city in the world; London and Tokyo take second and third place – thanks to their […]

Largest survey ever by the World Mobility Observatory

The World Mobility Observatory has conducted the largest enquiry ever on mobility trends worldwide. BIPE has used its tools and its data-processing methods to extract from this survey forecasts on the evolution of mobility worldwide. To be noted in particular, according to the World Mobility Index 2016, Singapore ranks as the world’s most mobile city, […]

Automobile distribution today

Even though formerly it was a consumption leader, today the car distribution sector of car sale and after-sale service, faces a long series of events which are throwing it into a crisis: city-centres shun cars, an increasing number of households can’t afford them, new mobility solutions show alternatives to car-ownership, governmental incentives for buying new […]