Traffic forecast

Le BIPE makes forecasts for managers/owners of airline companies, industrialists and regulators These actors face 3 major market challenges: How will my medium-term demand evolve? What is the risk from competition? Which exogenous factors will induce a change in the current paradigm? Potential for development Airlines’ strategies: positioning of industry players and development capacity Airport […]

Economy and employment

Le BIPE evaluates the contribution of air transport to the economy and employment The main challenges of air transport growth with regards to the local economy are: What is the usefulness of my assets for the region and what is the contribution? Who are the beneficiaries of my activity throughout the journey? What is the […]

Aeronautics industry

Le BIPE works with the aircraft manufacturing industry, both civil and military (aircraft andhelicopters) The aircraft manufacturing industry faces three major challenges: Production rate and the criticality of the supply chain Arrival of new players in the aviation industry The adequacy of new aircraft programs with respect to the demand by zone To respond to […]


Le BIPE integrates the environment dimension into strategy Airline industry faces 3 major environmental stakes: A global desire and intensified action for the aviation industry to reduce its carbon footprint A need to reduce the largest contributing factors of noise and gas pollution from aircrafts A strategic phasing in line with sonic and emissive improvements […]

Aviation demand

Le BIPE carries out projects throughout the entire value chain of the airline industry. Airlines Strategies for setting up airlines in airports Fleet plans, networks, machine utilisation rates and age of assets in own-account/leasing Connecting models between airlines Airports Route development strategy Benchmarking of unit revenue/costs of airlines Captive zone and competition between adjacent airports […]


Le BIPE works on many topics related to financial issues Airline industry players face 3 major financial challenges: What should be the pricing strategy in a highly competitive context? How to conduct dimensioning and phasing of productive assets to meet airline demand? What are the axes of disruptions to increase passenger spend? These themes allow […]