Inflation is back, but is it here to stay?

Inflation is back, but is it here to stay? We see inflation returning to the Euro zone and the USA. In January 2017, Germany’s prices increased by 1.9% per year and in Spain by 3%. Last December for one year, prices are up by 1% in the Euro zone, compared to 0.6% for the preceding […]

Largest survey ever by the World Mobility Observatory

The World Mobility Observatory has conducted the largest enquiry ever on mobility trends worldwide. BIPE has used its tools and its data-processing methods to extract from this survey forecasts on the evolution of mobility worldwide. To be noted in particular, according to the World Mobility Index 2016, Singapore ranks as the world’s most mobile city, […]

COP22 – Feeding the planet tomorrow with sustainable agriculture

During the COP22 hosted at Marrakesh, Moroco, on November 2016, BIPE animated a ‘serious gaming’ presentation in order to reveal how alimentation impacts climate change. BIPE conference, ‘Side Event’, COP22

Dublin hosts the 81st EUROCONSTRUCT conference

Dublin hosts the 81st EUROCONSTRUCT conference on 7 June 2016. 150 professionals, from Europe and beyond, attended this conference, which has organised by DKM Consultants, Eurocontruct’s member from Ireland. Since 1975, Euroconstruct provides professionals with forecasts on construction within Europe. BIPE is its French member and one of the co-founders of EUROCONSTRUCT. To find out […]

The economy leaves 2016 in better shape than when it entered 2016

The economy leaves 2016 in better shape than when it entered 2016 In the United States, growth was at 3% late summer 2016. Household and business confidence is high as they wait for Donald Trump to implement his electoral promises of lower taxes and higher infrastructure spending. Late 2016 perspectives also improved in the Euro […]

Bank credit for artisans – Big Data vitamins SIAGI

SIAGI, a mutual guarantee company for very small enterprises (VSE), has recently adopted a big data digital tool for speeding up its credit analysis SIAGI marks its 50th anniversary with a technological leap. This mutual guarantee company, owned at 60% by the Chamber of Trade and Craft Industries, at 25% by major French banks, and […]

78th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference 19 November 2014, Milan

2015: towards a new cycle for the European construction industry? The risk of a slackening in German growth The European construction market in 2014 has entered a new phase of growth. After seven years of deep crisis, during which the market has lost 21%, and after a further negative 2013 (-2.7%), 2014 is confirmed to […]

77th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference 13th June 2014, Oslo

The European construction market is reaching firmer ground. The Euroconstruct report published in Oslo, 13/6, suggests an average growth of 1.8 percent a year, in real terms, from 2014 to 2016. It’s mainly new residential buildings contributing to the upturn but the tentative recovery affects all sub sectors. The growth rate is weak given the […]

76th Euroconstruct Conference in Prague

Construction in Europe is at a low point ‐ it will start to grow slowly next year This year represents the lowest point of development for volume of construction. Starting from 2014, construction output will again start to increase, although at a very slow pace. This is the development forecast by Euroconstruct, the leading European […]

75th EUROCONSTRUCT conference 14th June 2013, Copenhagen

European construction industry : No speedy recovery in sight Hopes of a speedy recovery for the European construction industry have been dashed. In several of the 19 EUROCONSTRUCT countries the euro crisis is continuing to hold construction activity in check. This trend is exacerbated by the situation of the world economy, which remains difficult. The […]