Due diligence
Top-, bottom-line and business plan simulation

Investment portfolio management and markets

Initial phase

Identifying targets and alternative choices, deal-stoppers

Due diligence markets and strategy

Revenue (top-line) and profit (bottom-line) previsions, synergy potential, comparison with seller’s scenarios, stress testing, assistance with negotiation on price and conditions of acquisition

Portfolio management

Steering assistance, dashboard, strategic marketing, micro-economic simulation

Exit scenarios

Audit of management previsions and contribution to seller’s business plan, screening of candidates

Capital raising for start-ups

Companies often turn to BIPE for assistance for their corporate-merger acquisitions in France or abroad.

We assist our clients from the start to the closing of a merger. Our work consists of two phases: prospecting the target-market, and secondly, contacting potential partners and assisting in the negotiations.

During the first phase, BIPE finds the following information:

  • Where should this target-market be developed?
  • What changes are foreseen for this market?
  • Who are the actors of this market?
  • Who could be most suitable partners for the merger?

Once these questions have been answered, the second phase can begin.

  • BIPE contacts potential partners for a preliminary screening;
  • Meetings are held between the shortlisted partners and BIPE’s client;
  • A preliminary proposition for partnership is made;
  • Negotiations are carried out to determine the merger conditions;
  • Closing of the deal.

Enjoy immediate access to our macro and sectoral simulations

Our models interface with bank valorisation models

We do not only rely on data provided by the seller

Our approach is quantitative and independent