New business models with Electrical Vehicle infrastructure

The infrastructure needed for electrical vehicles is bringing into its sector a new set of actors from other activities, such as mobility, electricity, telecommunications, and construction …

These actors need to understand the challenges and opportunities of this market. And above all, its potential business models.

BIPE assists its clients define their strategy in this new market. For example, BIPE has studied the feasibility of electrical charging booths – their technical feasibility and the costs and profits they can generate.

Quantification des problématiques de la filière à horizon 2020-2030schemas_strategie_infrastructures_vehicules_electriques_Mise

Construction d’un scénario quantitatif de diffusion des bornes à horizon 2030


Sur ce scénario se base une analyse de la rentabilité d’un business model



Publié le: 08-02-2017