An energy transition is happening

The era when petrol was at 20USD per barrel is well behind us and the automotive business must adapt the powertrain of its vehicles in consequence. This revolution raises several questions: When will these new powertrains become inescapable? How will our societies respond to these changes? Will one powertrain dominate others, or will there be several – each serving the needs of different geographical zones and customers?

BIPE assists its clients define their strategy on powertrain by analysing criteria such as car use, client choice, fuel prices, technological innovation, and impact of public policies. BIPE uses quantifying models for simulating on volume of vehicles sold per vehicle segmentation and powertrain. BIPE also uses hypotheses, furnished by its multinational clients, to forecast what the transportation market will look like in 20 years from now.

An example of BIPE’s methodology:



Publié le: 08-02-2017