BIPE is carrying out a study, and a forecast for 2020, on the energy retrofit sector for co-properties. BIPE is carrying out this study under 3-stages.

Firstly, BIPE will conduct a survey on several thousand owners of apartments (habitants and renters) and another survey on several hundred condominium management firms. This survey will question on:

  • characteristics of the dwellings, the buildings, the co-properties and the co-owners;
  • attitude of co-owners towards the problem of having to reduce energy consumption;
  • works carried out in the co-properties during the past 5 years or which will be in the 5 years to come.

The second stage of our study will consist in calculating the likely hood of different types of co-owners and co-properties carrying out energy retrofit works (ie according date of construction, climatic zone, repartition of renters and habitants amongst co-owners, etc). To achieve this, BIPE will use the data obtained from the surveys it carried out and from public statistics. This will enable BIPE to segment co-owners into ‘clusters’ according to their attitude towards energy retrofit.

Finally, BIPE constructs for its clients, simulation on the energy retrofit market of co-properties for the period 2010-2020. This simulation model expresses the number of interventions needed (ie widows replaced, wall and roof isolation, heating, etc) and the cost per retrofit according to the co-owner segmentation ‘cluster’. This simulation model includes elements which can influence the market such as the price of energy and changes in public policies. BIPE also simulates energy savings and reductions of CO2 gas emission resulting from retrofits being carried out.

BIPE’s procedure:



Publié le: 08-02-2013