Understanding mobility in Europe

Private car-use has been steadily decreasing in Western Europe since 10 years. Several reasons explain this decline: the increasing expense of car maintenance, the shrinking purchasing power of households, the increase of public transportation, zones limiting cars in city-centres and new mobility alternatives (ie bikesharing, ridesharing and P2P carsharing, e-hailing, etc).

Of course these reasons impact differently according to household income, number job-holders, and number of children. And households choose different types of cars according to the age of their members, their location and reasons for travelling.

BIPE is renowned for its advice on optimal strategic positioning for mobility actors. BIPE surveys on mobility in Europe highlight in real-time customer choice according to customer segmentation. BIPE’s data-bank contains detailed information on households mileage, reasons for travelling, financing, insurance, etc. BIPE closely monitors the emergence of the new mobility solutions, powertrain innovations and regulations. We offer immediate visioning of the market mobility and robust mid- to long-term forecasts.

Chart showing BIPE’s procedure on mobility research



Publié le: 08-02-2017