People will always travel but their travelling modes have been changed for ever by the energy crisis, environmental issues, the explosion of megapoles, and the emergence of a connected and collaborative economy. BIPE’s Global Observatory on Mobility reduces the complexity and incertitude of this rapidly changing sector in order to offer mobility actors a clear vision and strategic orientation.

BIPE’s Global Observatory on Mobility offers you:

  • A quantified and standardized 360° vision of mobility in 30 cities: equipment, modal shares, mileage, car usage, budgets, etc;
  • An in-depth understanding of the needs, choices and expectations of mobility consumers (ie, connectivity, automobile-sharing services, innovation, alternative motorisation, etc);
  • An examination of the latest innovations and best practices in the transportation sector (ie, collaborative mobility, soft and collective transport modes, intelligent transportation systems, etc);
  • A community of actors in the mobility ecosystem (ie, constructors, outfitters, infrastructure managers, transport operators, mobility services, IT, insurers, financiers, etc);
  • Prospective studies in order to identify opportunities in the mobility market; and
  • Analysis of a vast survey carried out by the members of the Observatory (25 000 interviews, 30 cities, and 18 countries).


Publié le: 14-02-2017