Context :

The Fédération Française de Tennis is an association in charge :
  • to promote, organize and develop tennis in France : tennis in clubs, training, tournaments and championship
  • to federate clubs, to promote, to coordinate and to develop their activities
  • to represent France with its tennis teams during international events (Coupe Davis, Fed Cup, Olympic games)
  • to organize big tournaments like “les Internationaux de France de Roland-Garros” and BNP Paribas Masters

Objectives :

The studyobjective was to evaluate the economic & social impact of the french tennis on its all dimensions (clubs, amateur tennis and professional tennis, federations, ligues, departements entities,…). The methodology used the I/O tables to demonstrate the economic implication of the tennis activities.

Results :

The study conducted to demonstration the economic effects on the following dimensions :

  • Federal Tennis (FFT, Ligues, clubs …) / Tennis outside the federal structures (city clubs, private structures…) ;
  • Professional Tennis / Amateur Tennis/ School Tennis ;
  • Direct and indirects jobs (employes, trainers, suppliers …) ;
  • Effect of subsidies vs tax collected ;
  • Economic values of specific events(Internationaux de Frances, BNP Paribas Masters, Coupe Davis, Fed Cup, …).
  • Economic effect by region


Publié le: 03-06-2016