Le BIPE integrates the environment dimension into strategy

Airline industry faces 3 major environmental stakes:

  • A global desire and intensified action for the aviation industry to reduce its carbon footprint
  • A need to reduce the largest contributing factors of noise and gas pollution from aircrafts
  • A strategic phasing in line with sonic and emissive improvements of aircrafts

To address these challenges, le BIPE has developed a digital platform for gas emissions from air transport:

The tool allows to visualise:

  • Gas emissions and fuel consumption
  • Types and segments of contributing factors (type of aircraft, airline, airport…)
  • Unit emission factors (by seat, passenger, flight…)
  • Evolution (by year, season, timings…)

Noise pollution and balanced approaches :

Le BIPE has developed a modelling tool for noise patterns of aircraft based on real trajectories.

This tools permits:

  • To simulate real flight vectors
  • To model noise patterns generated by aircraft activity
  • Compare models with those at noise measuring stations
  • Mapping and counting the population overflown, impact on land prices, evaluating the impactof operating restrictions…

Le BIPE works with and participates in many conferences on environmental and alternate energies, both in France and abroad

Le BIPE’s tools to respond to these challenges

  • MAGE®: Model to measure gas emissions in the air transport sector

  • NOIZ®: Acoustic simulation of noise generated by aircraft and helicopters


Publié le: 18-06-2018