Even though formerly it was a consumption leader, today the car distribution sector of car sale and after-sale service, faces a long series of events which are throwing it into a crisis: city-centres shun cars, an increasing number of households can’t afford them, new mobility solutions show alternatives to car-ownership, governmental incentives for buying new cars are being ended, there is new European regulation on distribution – particularly on ‘multi-branding’, investors are split into small anonymous groups, and lastly, geographical regions are suffering from desertification. This sector needs to re-organise itself in order to adapt to a new business environment.

BIPE can assist car producers redefine their strategy to this new environment. BIPE proposes the 4-stage procedure below, which enables to:

  • Understand the changes taking place in the social environment and regulation of the car distribution sector;
  • Offer detailed previsions of the car distribution market in France – region by region;
  • Point out geographical zones with strong potential for growth; and
  • Indicate household expectations in terms of new-car-distribution and after-sale service.



Publié le: 10-05-2016