The markets of banking services to companies are complex to analyze:

  • Clients are very diverse (company size, industry type) leading to very different needs in terms of banking services
  • The data are difficult to analyze: several sources, and sometimes even several data set for one source, all having different perimeters
  • Market evolutions are strong and rapid, because of evolutions on the demand side, on services offer and regulation

Within the Observatory of Companies Savings and Credit, BIPE offers a clear vision of the current situation on these markets, and an anticipation of the evolutions to come. These analyses are made possible by the use of quantitative methods based on economics and statistics. Thanks to these analyses, banks can rely on visions that are backed up by transparent and quantified arguments.

BIPE proposes forecasts on the following products:

  • Credits: treasury loans, investment loans, factoring, by company type
  • Savings: cash accounts, time deposits, funds…


BIPE use several internal and external sources as inputs to its models:

  • BIPE’s specific Obervatory of Forecasts by Industry
  • BIPE’s expertise in macro economics, and BIPE’s Observatory on that specific topic
  • Publics sources: Eurostat, Insee, Banque de France, ASF



Publié le: 10-05-2016