BIPE supports TARA’s exploratory expeditions

TARA’s expeditions

Tara is a sailing ship which carries out exploratory expeditions. It is funded by the United Nations Environment Programme and by major French foundations and companies such as Agnes B, the Veolia Environment Foundation and, of course, BIPE.

Tara’s expeditions have been made legendary by its founder, Dr Jean-Louis Etienne, Sir Peter Blake, and today Etienne Bourgeois.

From September 2006 to January 2008, the ship did the ‘Tara Arctic’ expedition, during which traversed and explored the glacial Arctic ocean. This scientific and human adventure made the public aware of the climatic changes taking place in the Arctic and in the environment, and on mankind’s place on earth.

In 2009, Tara began the 3-year ‘Tara Ocean’ expedition. It explored oceanic life and in particular marine plankton. Marine plankton, even though little known, is a crucial marker of the environment’s health.

In this way from 2009 to 2012, Tara has carried out 50 port-calls in 30 countries and has sailed 115 000 kilometres across the earth.

The conferences about these expeditions have fuelled debates and increased public awareness of the fragile ecologic equilibrium of our planet.

BIPE has been a partner of this great adventure since its beginning.

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"I am involved personally and professionally with TARA: the call of the sea and adventure has always attracted me and my work is linked with Tara for three reasons. Firstly, BIPE is a corporate citizen and the environment is one of its priorities. Therefore, BIPE sent to the Copenhague climate conference, Tara’s expedition team and Jean-Claude Gascard, a scientific expert and head of various European programmes on climate change, such as Damocles. BIPE also accompanied Tara during its port-call in Rio, a city which symbolises sustainable development. Secondly, like Tara, BIPE hopes to contribute information which is useful for green growth. Tara’s expeditions have supplied major laboratories with enough samples to research for the next 20 years and from which new applications are expected. Likewise BIPE, specialised in forecasting and economic prospecting, anticipates new needs. BIPE knows that our oceans are not only the most important carbon recyclers of our planet, but also enormous reservoirs for alimentation, bio-sourced fuel and bio-medicine. Finally, BIPE has a long experience in bringing together public and private actors around economical and societal issues. Tara found this know-how particularly useful when preparing its expeditions. Today, for the future, BIPE is available."

Edwige Avice, former Minister,
-Partner and Vice-President of BIPE